ⓘ Malachite (disambiguation)


ⓘ Malachite (disambiguation)

Malachite is a carbonate mineral.

Malachite may also refer to:

  • SS Malachite 1902, a British coaster that was sunk in the English Channel in 1914
  • Malachite, Colorado, founded by Tom Sharp, now extinct
  • A character known as Kunzite in the Japanese version of the manga series Sailor Moon and Malachite in the DiC Entertainment English version
  • "Malachite" song, a 2006 song by Jinn
  • Siproeta stelenes or malachite, a brush-footed butterfly
  • A character from the Cartoon Network Series Steven Universe
  • Malachite damselflies, in the family Synlestidae
  • Malachite green, an organic molecule used to combat Ichthyophthirius, a protozoan causing white spot disease in aquarium fish
  • Italian submarine Malachite 1936–1943
  • Malachite Falls and Malachite Lake, in West Fork Foss River Valley, King County, Washington

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