ⓘ Chirp (disambiguation)


ⓘ Chirp (disambiguation)

A chirp is a signal in which the frequency increases or decreases with time.

Chirp may also refer to:

  • Chirp scratch, a type of scratch performed by turntablists
  • Chirp bird call, an onomatopoeic word for certain bird calls
  • CHIRP algorithm, a Bayesian algorithm used to perform a deconvolution on images created in radio astronomy
  • ChiRP, a biological methodology to identify DNA regions or proteins that are bound to a RNA molecule of interest
  • CHIRP app
  • Chirp rubbing sound, an onomatopoeic word for stridulation
  • Chirp company, a UK technology company
  • Chirp magazine, a Canadian magazine for children ages 3 to 6
  • Stridulation
  • Chirp phone, a walkie-talkie service on Sprint-Nextels iDEN-phones

1. Television

  • Chirp Modern Family, an episode of an American television show, first aired in 2010
  • Chirp, a robin in Peep and the Big Wide World, a childrens TV series
  • Chirp TV series

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