ⓘ Astrid (disambiguation)

Astrid (disambiguation)

ⓘ Astrid (disambiguation)

  • Astrid application, a cross-platform to-do list application
  • ASTRID, a research particle storage ring at Aarhus, Denmark
  • ASTRID reactor, a French Sodium-cooled fast reactor built expected to be built to replace the Phenix reactor
  • Astrid satellite, two scientific microsatellites developed by the Swedish Space Corporation

1. Other uses

  • Astrid band, a band from the Isle of Lewis
  • Astrid, a fictional starship in Ground Control and Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus
  • Astrid brig, a tall ship that sank in July 2013
  • Astrid Antwerp premetro station, a station in the Antwerp premetro network

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