ⓘ Hunter-killer


ⓘ Hunter-killer

  • Hunter-killer Group, World War II formation of Allied warships usually including an escort carrier CVE, tasked with locating and sinking enemy submarines
  • Hunter-killer team, A team that separates the tasks of "hunting" and "killing" to two or more individuals.
  • Hunter-killer armored-vehicle team, scout vehicles and tanks operating in concert as "hunters" and "killers"
  • USAF Hunter-Killer program developing unmanned combat air vehicles
  • Attack submarine or hunter-killer submarine
  • Hunter-killer sight, a vehicle commanders sight, independent of the gunners sight

1. Other

  • 688I Hunter/Killer, 1997 submarine simulator game developed by Sonalysts Inc. and published by Electronic Arts
  • Hunter-Killer comics, a comic book series
  • Hunter Killer film, a 2018 film

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