ⓘ St Leonards

St Leonards

ⓘ St Leonards

  • St Leonards, Buckinghamshire
  • Cholesbury-cum-St Leonards, Buckinghamshire
  • St Leonards-on-Sea, Hastings, East Sussex
  • St Leonards ward, Lambeth, London
  • St Leonards, East Kilbride
  • St Leonards, Dorset
  • Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire
  • Drayton St. Leonard, Oxfordshire
  • St Leonards Edinburgh railway station

1. Schools and colleges

  • The St Leonards Academy, Hastings, England
  • St Leonards Catholic School, Durham, England
  • St Leonards Secondary School, Glasgow, Scotland
  • St Leonards College Melbourne, Australia
  • St Leonards School, St Andrews, Scotland
  • St Leonards College University of St Andrews, Scotland

2. Other uses

  • Baron St Leonards, a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom
  • St Leonards band, an Australian alternative rock band
  • Leonard, a given name and surname

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