ⓘ Shady Lady

Shady Lady

ⓘ Shady Lady

Shady Lady may refer to:

  • Shady Lady, a boat design by Phil Bolger
  • Shady Lady 1945 film
  • Shady Lady, a 1933 musical by Jesse Greer and Sam H. Stept
  • Shady Lady aircraft, B-24 Liberator aircraft
  • Shady Lady Ranch, a brothel in Nevada
  • Shady Lady, a 2012 film about the aircraft Shady Lady

1. Music

  • "Shady Lady" Gene Pitney song, a 1970 song
  • "Shady Lady", a 1979 song by Status Quo from Whatever You Want
  • "Shady Lady", a 1971 song by Quincy Jones from Dollar$
  • "Shady Lady", a 1975 song by Uriah Heep from Return to Fantasy
  • "Shady Lady", a 1973 song by Shepstone and Dibbens
  • "Shady Lady" Ani Lorak song, a 2008 song
  • "Shady Lady", a 2014 song by B.A.P. from First Sensibility

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