ⓘ Fish head (disambiguation)


ⓘ Fish head (disambiguation)

Fish head refers to the head of a fish in popular culture and its use as a seafood.

Fish head may also refer to:

  • Head of the Fish, a rowing race hosted by the Saratoga Rowing Association in New York State
  • Slang for anyone in a Royal Navy uniform.
  • Fish Heads song, a 1978 novelty song by Barnes & Barnes about things fish heads can and cannot do
  • Fishs Head, a 1989 new wave album of songs by John Watts
  • Fish head anatomy, the anatomy of a fish head

Not to be confused with headfish, which is a common name for a species of anglerfish

Writer Irvin S. Cobbs acclaimed 1913 short horror story, was entitled Fishhead."

Fans of Phish are known as Phishheads.

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