ⓘ Genoa (disambiguation)


ⓘ Genoa (disambiguation)

Genoa is a city and port in Liguria, Italy.

Genoa may also refer to:

  • The Republic of Genoa, a state in Liguria from ca. 1100 to 1805 with various possessions in the Mediterranean

1. Places

  • Genoa, Victoria, a town in Australia
United States
  • Genoa Township, DeKalb County, Illinois
  • Genoa, Stark County, Ohio, an unincorporated community now known as Perry Heights, Ohio
  • Genoa Township, Nance County, Nebraska
  • Genoa, Illinois
  • Genoa City, Wisconsin
  • Genoa, Nevada
  • Genoa, Ohio
  • Genoa, New York
  • Genoa, Colorado
  • Genoa Township, Houston, Texas
  • Genoa, Minnesota
  • Genoa, Arkansas
  • Genoa town, Wisconsin
  • Genoa Township, Delaware County, Ohio
  • Genoa, Wisconsin
  • Genoa, Nebraska
  • Genoa Township, Michigan

2. Other uses

  • Project Genoa and Project Genoa II, governmental data analysis projects
  • Genoa City fictional city, the fictitious setting for the American soap opera The Young and the Restless
  • Genoise Cake
  • Genoa C.F.C., an Italian football soccer team based in Genoa
  • Genoa sail or jenny, a type of sail named after the city of Genoa
  • The "Genoa" was a 4-4-0 locomotive used on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad
  • Genoa Systems, a former manufacturer of graphics adapters
  • Epyc Genoa, the fourth generation of AMDs Epyc line of server processors, codenamed Genoa
  • Genoa Cake
  • Genoa salami

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