ⓘ Double bubble

Double bubble

ⓘ Double bubble

  • Double bubble map, a graphical information visualization technique
  • Double bubble sort, a variation of the bubble sort algorithm
  • Double bubble conjecture, the mathematical statement that the minimum surface surrounding two given volumes is formed by three spherical patches meeting at a common circle, and the "standard double bubble", the name for this surface

1. Biology and medicine

  • Double bubble mint, a common name for the agastache cana plant
  • Double bubble radiology, a symptom of a bowel obstruction formed by two air-filled bubbles in the abdomen

2. Music and entertainment

  • Double Bubble 2008, a hip hop/electronic dance music album by Stereo MCs
  • "Double Bubble", an episode of American medical television drama Trapper John, M.D.
  • "Double Bubble Trouble", a song by M.I.A.
  • "Double Bubble", an episode of animated television series The Little Mermaid
  • "Double Bubble", a track on jazz-fusion music album Southern Comfort The Crusaders album
  • "The Double Bubble Duchess", one of the songs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical
  • "Double Bubble", a short story by Alistair Fruish, included in his novel Kiss My ASBO
  • "Double Bubble", an episode of British medical television drama Holby City series 14.

3. Other

  • Double Bubble, a commonly-offered bonus payout in Bingo in the United Kingdom
  • Dubble bubble gum
  • Double Bubble, a style of Reebok Freestyle shoes
  • Double bubble roof, a design feature of Zagato automobiles and some aircraft

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