ⓘ Haley


ⓘ Haley

  • Haley Mendez born 1993, American squash player
  • Hayley given name, unisex given name
  • Haley McCallum, also known as Haley, a Canadian-American musician
  • Haley surname
  • Haley Gibby, also known as Haley, an American electronic music singer

1. Other uses

  • Mount Haley Township, Michigan, a mountain and nearby US town
  • Haley James Scott, main character of the fictional One Tree Hill TV series
  • USCGC Alex Haley WMEC-39, a US Coast Guard cutter
  • Haley Station, Ontario, a small community in Ontario, Canada
  • "Haley" song, 2006 single by Needtobreathe
  • Haley, Tennessee, a community in the United States

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