ⓘ Power Trip

Power Trip

ⓘ Power Trip

Power Trip may refer to:

  • "Power Trip / To Heck and Back", an episode of Rockos Modern Life
  • Power Trip: Theatrically Berkeley, 2009 documentary film about Berkeley, California
  • "Power Trip", a song by Soundgarden from the album Louder Than Love
  • Power Trip film, a 2003 documentary
  • "Power Trip", a song by Chimaira from the album The Impossibility of Reason
  • The Power Trip, a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • "Power Trip" song, a 2013 song by J. Cole
  • Power Trip: A Decade of Policy, Plots and Spin, a book by Damian McBride
  • Power Trip band an American thrash metal band

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