ⓘ Dead by Dawn (2020 film)

Dead by Dawn (2020 film)

ⓘ Dead by Dawn (2020 film)

Dead by Dawn is a 2020 American horror-thriller edited, and directed by Sean Cain. The film, produced by Linda Slade, Jamie Bernadette and Sean Cain stars Drew Lindsey Mitchell, Kelcey Watson, Jamie Bernadette, Bo Burroughs, Timothy Muskatell, and Bobby Slaski.

The film was released direct-to-DVD on April 8, 2020 in the United States.


1. Plot

A suicidal man finds himself protecting an abused woman in a remote cabin from three sadistic killers. The film opens with Lulu, a budding artist, getting into an altercation with her boyfriend over going to her Uncles Halloween party. After he ends up slapping her, she goes off alone in a Kart ride think Uber provided by the Uncle. Only the driver turns out to be one of the aforementioned sadists dressed up as a creepy clown. Flash forward a week later and now the suicidal man, Dylan, finds himself consoling a barely comatose Lulu after shes interrupted his suicide attempt. As he tries to make sense of the situation, theres a knock at the door. The bad guys; Neil, Snack and Chad tell him theres been a car accident and they are looking for their younger sister. Only none of the three have a scratch on them. Dylan gets suspicious and the duo soon find themselves trapped after the villains have cut the phone lines and disabled his jeep. Miles away from any help, and with Lulus ankle sprained all they can do is fortify the cabin and wait until dark to try and escape.


2. Cast

  • Jessie Hales as Gina
  • Kelcey Watson as Dylan
  • Bruce Spargo as Donnie
  • Bo Burroughs as Neil
  • Bobby Slaski as Shane
  • Timothy Muskatell as Chad
  • Drew Lindsey Mitchell as Lulu
  • Skylar Dominique as Sofia
  • Jamie Bernadette as Snack
  • Detra Hicks as Nadine

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