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ⓘ Cona

Cona may refer to:

  • Cona village, the seat of Cona County
  • Cona, Italy, town in the Italian province of Venice
  • Capital One, N.A., a US bank
  • Fernandino Cona, an Italian general in World War II
  • ConA for Concanavalin A, a lectin protein that acts as a lymphocyte mitogen
  • The Cultural Objects Name Authority CONA maintained by the J. Paul Getty Research Institute
  • The YMCA Conference On National Affairs, a youth leadership forum that convenes every July at the YMCA Blue Ridge Conference Center, in Black Mountain, North Carolina
  • Cona County, county in Shannan Prefecture, Tibet
  • Cona, a fictional planet in the Star Wars franchise
  • The River Coe, in Scotland, also known as Cona
  • Cona Lake, Tibet

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